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You Didn’t Say “Hello”

From the Author This poem didn’t require much thought. It doesn’t come from the recesses of my brain. It’s just observation. It’s a story we have all read. We recognize it. We understand where it’s going without even reading till the end. It’s a cheap poem. Yet, when I leave my heart unnattended for justContinue reading “You Didn’t Say “Hello””

Sulfur’s Lament

Said the powder-keg spirit To the match and her flame, “What is life, but dust and ash in the wind?” To which the duo replied, “To stay warm for however long it takes to grow cold” From the Author To succumb to wrath is to feel empty. To be loved is to feel warm. ThisContinue reading “Sulfur’s Lament”

  1. I’m interested in how/why you are blending the Father and Son with the Id and the Ego? Those are not…

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