The Poetry of Ants

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Every Waking Moment

We all waitWhile the sun lists under the horizonTo the pain of not being wholeWe drink many remediesLaced with alcohol We procrastinateInstead of walking and talkingAnd sitting with ourselvesWe bleed in tributeTo the mirror in our pocket We don’t prayBut we hurl our opinions into the void And with a thousand little cutsWe sever ourselvesFromContinue reading “Every Waking Moment”


I am a crystalline blueResting on the emerald glow I eb and flow in radial currentsNo one knows where I beginI have no waterfallsAnd at the edge of yourself you will always find me Underneath me is a limitless skyAnd above me roams the cosmos The seafarer dipped his cupped hand in my shoresA microcosmContinue reading “Enoch”


It aint hard To sit pretty on the window sill Taking in breath Taking in the moment Listening to rhythmic music And the cars passing by But America’s sworn enemy is quiet And wisdom her bane I struggle to find this moment To meet myself To meet my pain. The cat lies under a sunbeamContinue reading “Rest”

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