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Though she crack, though she splinter under pressure, She knows how to hone her soul. And so breaking her bones will just supply her with sharper teeth. With murder in your mind, You left her alone with the wolves But she’s kind to dogs Knows a lullaby to sooth the hungry Jaguar By night sheContinue reading ““She””

Naani, Katauta, and Sedoka

From the Author I’ve been inspired lately to experiment with other forms of poetry. I tried, reader- I really tried to touch into the recognizable, like a Sonnet or Limerick, but damn, do I despise incessant rhyme. Anyways; I’ve included some basic information on the forms I’ve listed below, as well as my first impressionContinue reading “Naani, Katauta, and Sedoka”

Pining for the Whole World

The truth appends to my open soul I’ve known I’ve known I’ve known If you flick out your tongue- Thoughtfully, carefully You can taste the violence in the air With undertones of grey dream You can taste all our intents Dispersed in entropy. I’ve seen you I’ve seen you I’ve seen you I’ve watched andContinue reading “Pining for the Whole World”

  1. Slick man. Your audio reading is definitely cool as ice, keep it coming. I posted up a reading a little…

  2. This is really brilliant stuff Joel. I weep with you brother. I’m always here for you.

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