The Poetry of Ants

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Haiku, Tanka

A forsaken leaf Wading underneath the stream Meandering still The ghost of the rain Speaks to the cloud, from the mud Missing her dearly Cloud and dust and mud travel down the riverbed settle down to sleep From the Author I. Love. Haiku. I. Love. Tanka. There’s something about 5-7-5 and 5-7-5-7-7 that just… feelsContinue reading “Haiku, Tanka”

Song of the Nomad

The nomad walked,Wings hailing to and from the north.He found a flower,A rose of unusual color birthing from the sand A sight fit for a king-No,an Adon.He knelt down and whispered into her ear“I too, am alone” The nomad then set up his tent-A circular abode.He sat always in arm’s reach of the rose.Longing alwaysContinue reading “Song of the Nomad”

Got a bun in the Oven!

Well, I’ve just arrived at [redacted] for a week-long vacation (much needed). The explicit purpose of this vacation is to relax and write as much poetry as possible! That being said, the drive up here hasn’t given me quite enough time to finish what I’ve been working on… HOWEVER I will be submitting a veryContinue reading “Got a bun in the Oven!”

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