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The moon doesn’t shine tonight But i still feel her tug Her pull I hear the whisper of her song Drifting serene on gentle winds Too soft to know if it’s a lullaby Or a mournful dirge- Its melancholy form Barely ecking through a cloudy blanket She tugs and pulls at my heart She soothesContinue reading “Tug”

Tomorrow, More Rain

Here in the wake of things, Rain is falling again, Invading the crevices atop my skin, Dripping off my fingers With stolen warmth The ghosts of crickets Chirp into the fog, Obscuring the staccato in my chest- As if by design. Wait for me, tears. Wait for me to deign you a reason to liveContinue reading “Tomorrow, More Rain”


Though she crack, though she splinter under pressure, She knows how to hone her soul. And so breaking her bones will just supply her with sharper teeth. With murder in your mind, You left her alone with the wolves But she’s kind to dogs Knows a lullaby to sooth the hungry Jaguar By night sheContinue reading ““She””

  1. Slick man. Your audio reading is definitely cool as ice, keep it coming. I posted up a reading a little…

  2. This is really brilliant stuff Joel. I weep with you brother. I’m always here for you.

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