The Poetry of Ants

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Pining for the Whole World

The truth appends to my open soul I’ve known I’ve known I’ve known If you flick out your tongue- Thoughtfully, carefully You can taste the violence in the air With undertones of grey dream You can taste all our intents Dispersed in entropy. I’ve seen you I’ve seen you I’ve seen you I’ve watched andContinue reading “Pining for the Whole World”


This is the beginningI’m starting something new from the bedrockThough it aint nothing fairytale like a clean-break;From what broke off of meA broken ego remainsBut these jagged stonesThis mud and bileI’ll pound them downAnd grind them on my teethTill there aint no difference between the bile and meI’ll set an altar to God hereAsk HimContinue reading “Bedrock”


*Content Advisory* (This one be raw) (Seriously mom/dad/preacher, don’t read this) Someone stole my inspiration. Something, something, Like a thief in the night I’d like to tell you what they looked like And what they wore, But It’s too quiet and it’s too cold To wear your heart out on your sleeve Someone took myContinue reading “THIEF”

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