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Though she crack, though she splinter under pressure, She knows how to hone her soul. And so breaking her bones will just supply her with sharper teeth. With murder in your mind, You left her alone with the wolves But she’s kind to dogs Knows a lullaby to sooth the hungry Jaguar By night sheContinue reading ““She””


This is the beginningI’m starting something new from the bedrockThough it aint nothing fairytale like a clean-break;From what broke off of meA broken ego remainsBut these jagged stonesThis mud and bileI’ll pound them downAnd grind them on my teethTill there aint no difference between the bile and meI’ll set an altar to God hereAsk HimContinue reading “Bedrock”


*Content Advisory* (This one be raw) (Seriously mom/dad/preacher, don’t read this) Someone stole my inspiration. Something, something, Like a thief in the night I’d like to tell you what they looked like And what they wore, But It’s too quiet and it’s too cold To wear your heart out on your sleeve Someone took myContinue reading “THIEF”

Whale Fall

We are an ocean Dashed upon the rocks Scattering seafoam Scattering sand and sustenance for crabs Our existence is as simple as it is large And the breadth of our embrace Surrounds every bit of land The moon pushes and pulls us The sun warms us We sing to the air to beckon cool breezesContinue reading “Whale Fall”

The Great Flood

No one knows the day or the hour but I know that it’s coming in time When the oceans will fill to the brim Set to overflow onto land A great and impending wave looms over the island people And when it breaks, it stands taller than the oil rigs. On the ground, red algaeContinue reading “The Great Flood”

The Wise-Man’s Dilemma

FROM THE AUTHOR *First things first- sorry about the formatting- WordPress is unkind to the text-alignment needs of we poets, but I felt the alignment was important enough to make sacrifices in order to reflect. Hopefully I’ll find a way to represent this more cleanly in future posts!* The way that the human synapse worksContinue reading “The Wise-Man’s Dilemma”

Passion Flowers

The world pulsates through her bare chest as she dances Ankles tasting the oceans wake The flowers frilled in her hair Connect in constellations of woven grass  and ebony strands They strum the song of the land She’s hungry And abandoned But the wind tickles her nose And her mind The ethos of the treeContinue reading “Passion Flowers”


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