These are my works. You find mostly poetry, or some semblance, here.

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It is Fragile

It is fragile.The paper barrier between flesh and air.The wind cuts through it like razorsAnd the beasts of the field stomp it down to mere dust They are fragile.The veins who transport life.The wine is spilledInto marrowIf the wine goes bad,then the the heart does tooFor it cannot tell blood from poison It is fragileTheContinue reading “It is Fragile”


I scraped at the bottom of the barrel To find inspiration for tomorrow Instead, I found a place to sit Where the speaking ones won’t bother Closed the lid Only opened it when i ran out of air From the Author I’m an INFP- for those who care. I’ve been realizing more and more everyContinue reading “IIII”

Critical Mass

The social debt incurred by our worldHad reached critical mass ages ago. We waited too long and the interest compoundedNow we can’t even afford to pay the first installment The bill keeps showing up at the houseThe balance growing larger If we paid with our souls, like the fathers didit’d barely cover the interestAnd tomorrowContinue reading “Critical Mass”

Quiet Evening

God is a spiritWho speaks to those who refrain.When the soul weeps,He leans in to listenAnd speaks salves to our wound. But those who learn to quiet the WorldWill mistake their own voices for Its words When it’s a song about quietA poem without wordsA dance in the rain when the rain is hail It’sContinue reading “Quiet Evening”


I travelled a road bearing abundant branches Its leaves were valleys each sung with melancholy It was a light, peaceful song From the Author This is my attempt at a “Tanka.” This style of poetry originates in Japan- a culture which i have always been facinated by. Along with haiku, I very much like thisContinue reading “Tanka”


The mold in my teacup is just starting to grow.I left it on the dresser,and if my wife had caught itI’d have gotten a lecture before the oversight sprouted. But she missed that one;She’s been busy.And I’ve been me. I cleaned it up myselfLike I always do.…Eventually From the Author I’ll admit that I loveContinue reading “Shirkman”

Spreadsheet Wizard

To my Father: Thank you for being a great dad, and for making yourself a better one every day. Dad never forgot his keys on the table.Wasn’t enough room. The kids spilled their things over it throughout the day.And he’d tell us,“It’s important to maintain your space.”“Don’t make your mother work while I’m away” ButContinue reading “Spreadsheet Wizard”


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