These are my works. You find mostly poetry, or some semblance, here.

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The Rapture

I’ve seen the signs And it’s the end of the world Gaia whispered to my dream Warned me of the death-bell’s toll The city opened up its eyes From its deaf, unbroken rest He saw the rape and wailing The great denials And in his rage, he fell depressed The cave-ins swallowed the sanctuary TheContinue reading “The Rapture”

Dual Souls

Two leaves come to rest on the surface of a pond The water is striated by intersecting ripples One leaf is shrivelled and brown The other, unripe green But the ripples they make are identical in breadth The surface tension reverberating As a plucked string

God is Outside

God is Outside. The expanse between stars is in the dark of His eye The weight of the world rests in the crook of Her smile Their words were never yours, and they were never mine God is Outside God still goes to church But She no longer sings The revival perpetually being quashed byContinue reading “God is Outside”

I’ve Watched Children of all Ages Throw Tantrums when Inconvenienced

I’ve watched children of all ages Throw tantrums when inconvenienced Treat one another with selfishness cruelty and vile intent They demand my respect I, who bite and claw For every bit of mercy I’ve owned My age, my inflection, my skin precedes me Though I am dark I don’t owe you anything You little fuckersContinue reading “I’ve Watched Children of all Ages Throw Tantrums when Inconvenienced”

Be Longing

Waiting in the cold stream So belongs the catfish Rummaging through the murk His meals lay yearning to be found by his whiskers – Wings bathed in sunlight The osprey glides and prowls in hunger The wind urges below his wings His chirps and calls are dedicated to his lands unfurled below – The soulContinue reading “Be Longing”

Untitled Poem

My love Do not fear the night Nor silence The cicadas will keep you warm with their song Fireflies will light your way From the Author Just a short post today. I’ve spent a lot of the week sick and in a bit of a funk. Writing this one made me feel warm. I hopeContinue reading “Untitled Poem”

Haiku, Tanka

A forsaken leaf Wading underneath the stream Meandering still The ghost of the rain Speaks to the cloud, from the mud Missing her dearly Cloud and dust and mud travel down the riverbed settle down to sleep From the Author I. Love. Haiku. I. Love. Tanka. There’s something about 5-7-5 and 5-7-5-7-7 that just… feelsContinue reading “Haiku, Tanka”

Song of the Nomad

The nomad walked,Wings hailing to and from the north.He found a flower,A rose of unusual color birthing from the sand A sight fit for a king-No,an Adon.He knelt down and whispered into her ear“I too, am alone” The nomad then set up his tent-A circular abode.He sat always in arm’s reach of the rose.Longing alwaysContinue reading “Song of the Nomad”


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