T’challah, my beloved tsundere

Hello, my name is…

Really, my name isn’t important and most people who are reading this will already know it.

What most people wont know is that there are two stories that brought me to this “Imma start a blog” point in my life. The first story is one I don’t remember, while the second one I remember very well. After I tell you those two stories, you’ll know exactly 12% of what I’m all about, and that’s the end of that post. (Heads up: The other 88% is a whole mess of I-don’t-know)

Story 1:

My mother used to tell me that when I was a child, I was always looking out at the world. I’d spend a considerable amount of time doing so. According to her, I was most intrigued by ants. I assume that I would walk by an ant trail and stop dead in my own, immediately consumed with questions like “Where did they come from? What have they found that compels them to brave the pavement? Do ants have souls, or are they merely small machines running through immutable processing cycles?”

This is an educated guess based on the fact that I wonder the very same thing every time I cross by an ant trail today.

Story 2:

My earliest memory is that of a thought. If I had a degree in psychology, then I might feel confident enough to say that it was my very first conscious thought. I remember shooting up out of bed, being greeting by sunlight peering through the blinds, and thinking “This is my first thought.”

And that’s story 2. A story I will never ever ever forget.

And after stories 1 and 2, I’ll offer you my…


I’ve been writing poetry pretty much my entire short life. It’s one of the very few things I find peace in. The more I write, the healthier I feel as a human being. And there are times I wish that in some way, my writing could make you a healthier human being too.

I’m going to start writing as much as possible and maybe even branch out to other literary mediums in an attempt to meet those ends.

Welcome to The Poetry of Ants.

All work copyright @ 2020 The Poetry of Ants

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