God is Outside

God is Outside.

The expanse between stars is in the dark of His eye
The weight of the world rests in the crook of Her smile
Their words were never yours, and they were never mine

God is Outside

God still goes to church
But She no longer sings
The revival perpetually being quashed by the elderly
Lo, the ones who would hear Her -cast to oceans
Tied to stones
She wails on the floor again, mourning over bones

God is Outside

Been said that God is in the rain
But the rain, it falls on evil
Been told it’s for a reason
But that don’t sooth and that don’t save
It’s okay if it’s mysterious
But don’t just piss and call it rain,

‘Cause God is Outside

When I think I hear God, the sky settles down on me
The weight of the Holy is indistinct from that of the World
The gifts that are given are bladed with truth
And the truth of the matter
Is this:

That everyone tries,
But they miss.

Because God is Outside.

From the Author

I grew up in an evangelical christian church. If you’re from where I am, you can perhaps recall a culture that is eager to say “God’s ways are above ours and we don’t understand them,”  though with an equal amount of eagerness to speak for that same God. On top of that, we have the Bible- a fantastic, pivotal, and… I dunno… 50% trustworthy book.

The Bible was the original internet- where you will go and find 1,000 articles detailing the safety of vaccines, but if you’re an anti-vaxxer and you’re looking for it, you’ll find that ONE article that says that Jesus was a Conservative Republican- Oops! I mean that vaccines cause autism.

Funny thing is that some christians straight-up worship the parts of the Bible that support their sentiments. They would call me a heretic for saying that the Bible is flawed and fallible, but no matter how you cut it- we all only hear what we want to hear.

To be straight with you, Reader… I’m angry and I’m tired. I’ve seen humans consuming each other’s dreams and souls because “God doesn’t like that” or “God told me to do it.” I’ve seen a lifetime of it. I’ve been the victim and I’ve been the thief. I suspect that God is indeed good; I don’t yet have a reason to abandon my faith in Him/Her/Them. But we need to stop acting like we know who He is. We have to treat with kindness, that which she created. We have to be eager to listen for their words, but humble and sober in application- wary that we may have mistaken our lusts for divine mandate.

Published by The Poetry of Ants

I've been writing poetry since I was little. These poems have always been my means of resolving the world as it is against the world as it should be. Writing has been my great catharsis. I hope that you and I may be able to share in that.

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