I scraped at the bottom of the barrel

To find inspiration for tomorrow

Instead, I found a place to sit

Where the speaking ones won’t bother

Closed the lid

Only opened it

when i ran out of air

From the Author

I’m an INFP- for those who care.

I’ve been realizing more and more every day that I’m a pretty introverted introvert (almost 100% according the myers-briggs). Finding a time, headspace, and location to recharge can be a real challenge for me.

This is a poem about the search for quiet places

Published by The Poetry of Ants

I've been writing poetry since I was little. These poems have always been my means of resolving the world as it is against the world as it should be. Writing has been my great catharsis. I hope that you and I may be able to share in that.

One thought on “IIII

  1. I love this poem! I am also an introvert and understand this feeling very well…you did a wonderful job expressing it


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