Have mercy, O end of the year!

Hey people. I’m finishing up two works, but they aint done yet. Mid-November through mid-January is a very hectic and crazy time for me at work, so my upload schedule is going to be a bit crazy too (I’ve also come down with a stomach bug, so I’ve been a bit unconscious lately.) Anyways. I’mContinue reading “Have mercy, O end of the year!”

I’ve Watched Children of all Ages Throw Tantrums when Inconvenienced

I’ve watched children of all ages Throw tantrums when inconvenienced Treat one another with selfishness cruelty and vile intent They demand my respect I, who bite and claw For every bit of mercy I’ve owned My age, my inflection, my skin precedes me Though I am dark I don’t owe you anything You little fuckersContinue reading “I’ve Watched Children of all Ages Throw Tantrums when Inconvenienced”

Steam (Content Warning)

CONTENT WARNING! This work depicts self-harm. This work was not written with intent to condone self-harm. If you feel like harming yourself, please call the suicide national hotline at: 800-273-8255 or visit https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ Steam I tore into my flesh To release the steam The smoke The pressure Ash oozed out the wound Pooled at itsContinue reading “Steam (Content Warning)”