Naani, Katauta, and Sedoka

From the Author I’ve been inspired lately to experiment with other forms of poetry. I tried, reader- I really tried to touch into the recognizable, like a Sonnet or Limerick, but damn, do I despise incessant rhyme. Anyways; I’ve included some basic information on the forms I’ve listed below, as well as my first impressionContinue reading “Naani, Katauta, and Sedoka”

Pining for the Whole World

The truth appends to my open soul I’ve known I’ve known I’ve known If you flick out your tongue- Thoughtfully, carefully You can taste the violence in the air With undertones of grey dream You can taste all our intents Dispersed in entropy. I’ve seen you I’ve seen you I’ve seen you I’ve watched andContinue reading “Pining for the Whole World”


This is the beginningI’m starting something new from the bedrockThough it aint nothing fairytale like a clean-break;From what broke off of meA broken ego remainsBut these jagged stonesThis mud and bileI’ll pound them downAnd grind them on my teethTill there aint no difference between the bile and meI’ll set an altar to God hereAsk HimContinue reading “Bedrock”

Plea from the son that Grieved the Holy Spirit

I am not a good man. Nor am I wise. Or strong. But still, Don’t let me fizzle out… I have hated my neighbor. I have hated myself. I have hated the life that you gifted me. But still, Please don’t hate me… It’s a fool’s prayer, I know, Adonai. But I’ve loved you sinceContinue reading “Plea from the son that Grieved the Holy Spirit”

The Wise-Man’s Dilemma

Our hard-won lessons are made of paper; They burn over cold embers And they unfurl like lies We sought meditations- The wisdom of peaceful rivers. Their revelations were like pearls to swine. They never taught us how to breathe or how to die, But we’ve managed anyways. We learn our whole lives how to makeContinue reading “The Wise-Man’s Dilemma”

Have mercy, O end of the year!

Hey people. I’m finishing up two works, but they aint done yet. Mid-November through mid-January is a very hectic and crazy time for me at work, so my upload schedule is going to be a bit crazy too (I’ve also come down with a stomach bug, so I’ve been a bit unconscious lately.) Anyways. I’mContinue reading “Have mercy, O end of the year!”