Bedside Table

Auntie has a secret book she keeps. Open the door of the mahogany nightstand.Down on the left of the bottom shelfLies a white tome ordained in red thread With blue and gold flakes in the finish. Auntie’s written a thousand verses,A hundred poems.Stories that capture all the lives she’s lived. The pages have no linesPhrasesContinue reading “Bedside Table”

An ongoing request for you, the reader!

Listen, Fam. Writing and inspiration are weird. It’s hard to write when one isn’t exactly inspired, and inspiration doesn’t come every day. But if one doesn’t write every day to hone one’s voice and craft, then all of it is impeded when inspiration DOES come. So here’s my request to you: Comment on this postContinue reading “An ongoing request for you, the reader!”

Hello, my name is…

Really, my name isn’t important and most people who are reading this will already know it. What most people wont know is that there are two stories that brought me to this “Imma start a blog” point in my life. The first story is one I don’t remember, while the second one I remember veryContinue reading “Hello, my name is…”