Young, Gifted, Black, and Loved

No poems today- I’ve scant been writing due to all the life-changes I’ve been going through. But amongst my errands, an old memory found me. I’d like to share that story with you now. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been interested in the arts since I was a child. At one point, acting andContinue reading “Young, Gifted, Black, and Loved”

Have mercy, O end of the year!

Hey people. I’m finishing up two works, but they aint done yet. Mid-November through mid-January is a very hectic and crazy time for me at work, so my upload schedule is going to be a bit crazy too (I’ve also come down with a stomach bug, so I’ve been a bit unconscious lately.) Anyways. I’mContinue reading “Have mercy, O end of the year!”

You Are Where Your Money Goes.

The Obvious Problem Well, we’re going to talk about it again: Police continue to murder black people in the street and in their homes with little consequence. It’s but one symptom of the systemic racism that pervades and perverts our society. But you already knew that. Today, I’ll be sharing what I’ve decided to doContinue reading “You Are Where Your Money Goes.”

Hello, my name is…

Really, my name isn’t important and most people who are reading this will already know it. What most people wont know is that there are two stories that brought me to this “Imma start a blog” point in my life. The first story is one I don’t remember, while the second one I remember veryContinue reading “Hello, my name is…”