My Obligatory Poem about Depression

*An interactive poem* I’ve been a sad person for my whole lifeAnd I know the workings of being sad.The hum and droneand persistent diminuendo. *reader, please take a deep sigh- for immersion* You know,I’m come so farIn the war of attrition with the rival in my mind. I’ve learned to stay saneBy repeating mantras ofContinue reading “My Obligatory Poem about Depression”

Spreadsheet Wizard

To my Father: Thank you for being a great dad, and for making yourself a better one every day. Dad never forgot his keys on the table.Wasn’t enough room. The kids spilled their things over it throughout the day.And he’d tell us,“It’s important to maintain your space.”“Don’t make your mother work while I’m away” ButContinue reading “Spreadsheet Wizard”

Bedside Table

Auntie has a secret book she keeps. Open the door of the mahogany nightstand.Down on the left of the bottom shelfLies a white tome ordained in red thread With blue and gold flakes in the finish. Auntie’s written a thousand verses,A hundred poems.Stories that capture all the lives she’s lived. The pages have no linesPhrasesContinue reading “Bedside Table”