Plea from the son that Grieved the Holy Spirit

I am not a good man. Nor am I wise. Or strong. But still, Don’t let me fizzle out… I have hated my neighbor. I have hated myself. I have hated the life that you gifted me. But still, Please don’t hate me… It’s a fool’s prayer, I know, Adonai. But I’ve loved you sinceContinue reading “Plea from the son that Grieved the Holy Spirit”

The Wise-Man’s Dilemma

Our hard-won lessons are made of paper; They burn over cold embers And they unfurl like lies We sought meditations- The wisdom of peaceful rivers. Their revelations were like pearls to swine. They never taught us how to breathe or how to die, But we’ve managed anyways. We learn our whole lives how to makeContinue reading “The Wise-Man’s Dilemma”

I’ve Watched Children of all Ages Throw Tantrums when Inconvenienced

I’ve watched children of all ages Throw tantrums when inconvenienced Treat one another with selfishness cruelty and vile intent They demand my respect I, who bite and claw For every bit of mercy I’ve owned My age, my inflection, my skin precedes me Though I am dark I don’t owe you anything You little fuckersContinue reading “I’ve Watched Children of all Ages Throw Tantrums when Inconvenienced”